Douglas Blair (W.A.S.P.) lately joined Craig Blundell (STEVEN WILSON) onstage in Turku, Finland, where Blundell held a Roland V-series drum clinic/workshop. The set performed two compositions by Blair’s Boston “power duo” SIGNAL2Sound – with Blair playing his innovative eight-string GuitarCross and Blundell playing the amazing Roland V-50 digital drum package, which he co-designed and demonstrated on his Scandinavian clinic tour. Have a look at video footage below.

Blundell charted the music on paper from recordings – and the duo had one opportunity to play them during soundcheck.

“I originally dreamed up the GX to permit my bassist to include some second guitar existence inside our power trio, such as Hurry and KING’S X,” claims Blair. “When I relocated from my bassist, I made a decision to give it a go – to use my guitar playing to it – and it’s really been a crazy ride with many amazing drummers on the way! Ahead of rejoining W.A.S.P. in ’06, I hadn’t been playing business lead guitar actively for eight years! And that was, in fact, a blessing in disguise, as I was after that in a position to formulate a lead design that really in shape the band, not merely my noodling compulsions.”

“Playing with he was half terrifying and fifty percent orgasmic – after viewing him perform to a sold-out Belasco Theater in L.A. with Steven [Wilson], and being impressed – I was surprised to listen to that he’d check out our system for a clinic. I wrote to him, and the bloody chap agreed!”

The function was sponsored by Roland Scandinavia and Rock Academy Finland and is part of RA’s group of free weekly events held to inspire young musicians. Blair, who has kept many such treatment centers throughout Finland and Sweden, relocated from Boston to Turku to be engaged in this progressive tradition ministry-financed program. Right here, he also instructors bands on touring and live show, gives personal lessons and mixes FOH audio at clubs and festivals for the RA organizations, many of that have released CDs and guaranteed management/recording deals.

“Dealing with these ambitious youthful musicians and their energetic bands reminds me personally of our club times in Boston, traveling hours to observe Intense in the clubs, building our self-confidence to accomplish auditions and drive our very own bands,” proceeds Blair. “There exists a strong target audience for rock and metallic right here – and Craig’s infectious energy and skill reminds me why I still do that!”

Other people to Rock Academy Finland include Dan Reed (DAN REED NETWORK), Mikko Von Hertzen (VON HERTZEN BROTHERS) and Noora Louhimo (BATTLE BEAST).

In later summer, W.A.S.P. is slated release a “Re-Idolized” 25th-anniversary CD and film (Napalm Information) – revisiting and celebrating the group’s iconic 1992 “Crimson Idol” record – which Blair auditioned for, became a member of and toured behind for the reason that same year.

“This record is among the most soundtrack of my musical existence and profession,” says Blair. “25 years back I was a youngster with as many dreams as I still possess, but with a fresh double throat guitar that received me the slot for that ’92 tour – 64 displays of nirvana! It’s amazing that we’ll have the ability to venture out and tour behind this fascinating and exclusive re-release, and I’ll perform these same guitars that remain kicking ass!”

Blair also remains mixed up in DREAMS IN THE WITCH Home American/Swedish rock opera collective which include collaborations with Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD), Mikkey Dee (MOTÖRHEAD, SCORPIONS), and Tina Guo (Joe Bonamassa).

The Blair/Transmission2NOISE composition “Argo Navis”, recently recorded in L.A. with ’60s horror-film icon Barbara Steele, happens to be becoming remixed for an instrumental edition by Emil “Nightmare Sectors” Nodtveidt of Sweden’s DEATHSTARS.