VLC reaches three billion downloads, will soon add AirPlay

VLC, the video participant that’ll crisis every file format you’ve heard about, in addition almost all the types you have not, is on the subject of to strike a large landmark.

Range noticed a set up in VideoLan’s CES booth which keeping track of ever-closer to the 3 billion download mark. The VideoLan group desires the (actually) Big Three-Oh to end up being hit at some stage on Fri, with about 25 % of most downloading heading to cellular products.

Within a celebratory feeling, company associates said that VLC would be functioning to provide AirPlay to its system in the future. The statement estimates programmer Jean-Baptiste Kempf, who also believes the capability — which might allow Google Android users light beam video clips to Apple Televisions – can arrive following weeks. Additional tasks the group will be operating upon consist of a good VR setting for viewing 2D content material on VR headphones and a much better press collection. Whilst it’ll by no means attempt to total with Plex, Kempf expectations VLC may become a far greater option intended for iTunes.