Two nuns admit embezzling cash for Vegas gambling trips

Two nuns who worked for a Catholic university in California include admitted embezzling about $500, 000 (£396, 000) and using it to bet in gamble in Las Vegas.

Sisters Mary Kreuper and Lana Chang took the cash coming from St James’ Catholic College in the town of Torrance, close to Los Angeles, to pay in internet casinos.

The couple, who will be said to be close friends, took cash from a free account holding college tuition costs and contributions.

The sisters, who have lately out of production, have indicated embarrassment for his or her actions.

Mary Kreuper was your institution primary for twenty-nine years, even though Lana Alter worked as an instructor for approximately 20 years. They may be ideal to have got taken the money over a period of by least a 10 years to shell out on traveling and gaming.

On Mon, St James’ Catholic Church explained the nuns had indicated “deep embarrassment” more than their activities, adding that even though the law enforcement had been knowledgeable, zero felony costs will be brought up against the set.

“The Sisters own verified the misappropriation of funds and own co-operated in the analysis,” the sisters’ purchase, the Brothers of Saint Joseph of Carondelet, said in a declaration on the site.

“Our community is involved and saddened simply by this kind of scenario and regret any kind of injury to the very long romantic relationship with the family members of the college or university,” this added.

The monsignor from the church, Michael Meyers, published in a notice to parishioners: “Sis Mary Margaret and Sister Lana possess expressed in my experience and asked that I express to you, the deep bad feelings they each experience for their actions and ask to your forgiveness and prayers.

The Archdiocese of La said the church found out that the cash was lacking during a program audit.

The nuns had been allegedly capable to conceal their particular actions by simply depositing numerous cheques produced out to the college for college tuition and additional charges into another lender accounts not utilized by the school.