Ryanair seeks to fire all Netherlands-based staff

Ryanair (FR, Dublin Int’l) offers filed a movement with all the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) looking for a group dismissal of most workers located in the Holland, the Dutch Fliers ‘ Union (Vereniging Nederlandse Verkeersvliegers – VNV) gives said in a declaration.

“The VNV is not really amazed at this time stage coming from Ryanair. Previously, the organization currently suggested that it desires to ‘ level out’ the workers who are at odds of a pressured transfer overseas,” the union stated.

The Irish LCC stated the maneuver is validated by negative financial outcomes of their only Nederlander base for Eindhoven. Air cheap shut the bottom at the beginning of Nov 2018, although a courtroom found in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) previously found out that the LCC’s decision was first an unlawful retaliation up against the recent attacks of it is Dutch fliers.

The courtroom said that although it had simply no power to prevent the closure of the bottom as such, this ordered Ryanair to continue giving pilots the choice to travel to and from Eindhoven while centered at the Dutch airport. The flight was also needed to continue spending Nederlander wages to the fliers.

The VNV added it might assist almost all its users in looking to dismiss the collective lay-offs on step-by-step reasons, whilst also mentioning back to the November judgment and saying the drawing a line under of the foundation was illegal in the first place.

Norwegian air had about 200 staff employed in Eindhoven just before the basic drawing a line under, which includes 50 aviators and a hundred and fifty log cabin team.

The flight previously declared that it provided all staff an option to move to angles abroad but “would respect” in the event that they selected redundancy within the moving.