Mexico launches $7.4bn Tren Maya railway project

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador offers released the Maya Train – a great ambitious task to create a railway through five south-eastern states.

In an indigenous ceremony close to the historic Mayan damages of Palenque, he stated this might support create thousands of careers.

The 1,525km (950-mile) railway will certainly hyperlink Palenque and the visitor vacation resort of Cancún around the Caribbean coastline.

But competitors warn it might harm the region’s essential biosphere.

Another of the prepared route goes by through perfect jungle, as well as the owners from the property, the Maya persons, say they will possess not really been conferred with.

But Chief executive López Obrador dismissed environmentalists’ issues, encouraging that “we won’t uproot an individual tree”.

The 4-year project is usually likely to price up to $7.4bn (£5. 9bn).