‘IT’S THE ROCKET FROM TINTIN!’ Elon Musk’s SpaceX Mars rocket mocked on Twitter for searching like something from a 1960s cartoon

Musk hopes his massive spacecraft can one-day ferry travelers to Mars’ surface

ELON Musk’s glistening SpaceX Mars rocket has been mocked for seeking to enjoy it was ripped from the web pages of a 1950s comic publication after he unveiled the newly assembled spacecraft on sociable media.

Twitter users quipped the silver Starship hopper, which Musk says will 1 day embark on return excursions to the Red Planet, looked exactly just like the rocket Tintin flew to the moon.

Revealing the rocket, Musk tweeted an image with the caption: “Starship test flight rocket simply finished assembly in the SpaceX Texas launch site.”

He added: “That is an actual picture, not really a rendering.”

Many were quick to highlight the huge ship’s classic style – a pointy nasal area cone top sitting on 3 stabilizing tail fins – was a throwback to outdated Sci-Fi principles of space travel.

One user uploaded a picture of the crimson and white checked Tintin rocket and told Musk: “I believe you only have to look for a good body shop”.

Another posted an image of a cocktail mixer that looks identical to the rocket and joked: “It will likely be 1 hell of a celebration.”

Some sent the tech billionaire photos of old comics featuring comparable spaceships on the front covers.

In an afterward tweet Musk described the Spacecraft is for “suborbital VTOL tests”, adding: “Orbital version is taller, has thicker skins (won’t wrinkle) & efficiently curving nose section.”

Starship may be the new official name, announced by Musk in November, of the BFR release system referred to as the Big F***ing Rocket or Big Falcon Rocket, based on the audience.

This specific model will be utilized to check short launches and landings.

Musk offers claimed low altitude check flights could start this year prior to the first outings to the Red World as soon as 2024.

Previously this month, the billionaire said SpaceX was looking to perform test flights within a month but admitted it may be provided that eight weeks when unforeseen problems are factored in.

Responding to queries from space aficionados, Mr. Musk stated that the initial orbital prototype ought to be ready by June.

Musk’s company SpaceX provides spent years building the reusable rocket launcher that its expectations will transport colonists 100 at the same time.

It will end up being the biggest rocket ever built – taller and heavier compared to the Saturn rockets that launched the Apollo missions to the Moon.

The Starship is 30 feet wide and you will be produced from stainless steel since it resists extreme cold and high temperature much better than pricey composite components, Musk told followers.